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    • Casey Kook-Chan An

      President. APAA Korea Group

Dear APAA family,

Asia Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) has been developed to be the most authentic patent attorneys association in the area to have 20 recognized groups (national groups) with about 2,400 members.

In the almost 50 year history of APAA, Korean Recognized Group (APAA Korea) was one of the founding member countries along with Japan and Taiwan and took an active role for the development of APAA. It is good thing to see APAA continually expanding the number of Recognized groups and members year and year.

It is also important for members of APAA Korea that APAA works as the entering door for global contacts in many senses. Every year APAA holds annual meetings usually at renowned places in the area where members can enjoy encountering members of the other recognized groups and hundreds of observers as well from every corner of the world. In this regard, APAA Korea pays special attention to the young members. APAA encourages young members to make the most of the annual meetings and provides information and tips for that purpose.

APAA Korea recognizes its role as the biggest non-statutory organization of IP related professional in Korea. It is always ready to contribute itself to the development of IP related business and system. Over the border, it widely opens the door for the other recognized groups which are under developing stage in intellectual property system.

APAA Korea will always remain as the back bone of the whole APAA activities and do all the things for the progress of intellectual property of the area.