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Message from the President of the APAA Korea Group

Dear APAA family,

For the vibrant APAA Korea!

I am Ho-Hyun Nahm, and I was elected to be the 11th President of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) Korea Group on February 9, 2012. First, I would like to take this opportunity to show appreciations for all of you for the support, cooperation and friendship.

The APAA was established in order to protect intellectual property rights and to promote growth of the institution in Asia. The APAA was constituted in December, 1969 with Korea, Japan and Taiwan playing the major role, and now it has a family of 2,400 members and 18 Recognized Groups in Asia. More than 400 members of all members are from Korea, which makes the Korea Group the second largest in the APAA.

The APAA Korea Group has successfully hosted three EXCO meetings: the 3rd EXCO Meeting in 1970 (Seoul), the 43rd EXCO Meeting in 1999 (Kyungju, 997 attendees) and the 58th EXCO Meeting in 2010 (Jeju, more than 1,400 attendees); and two General Conferences: the 3rd General Conference in 1974 (Seoul, 103 attendees) and the 8th General Conference in 1988 (Seoul, 509 attendees). Korea also has a history of producing a President of the APAA and has been playing a central role in the Association, actively participating and assisting in its operation and activities.

It could not be stressed more that three Asian countries of Korea, Japan and China (which I hope will join the APAA in the near future) are among the top 5 nations in the world, in terms of the number of the intellectual property applications filed, and that Korea is ranked 4th having surpassed the EPO. At last, Asia is rising as the core region in the field of global intellectual properties and is coming into the lime light. Thus, the role of the APAA is more significant than ever, and it is our duty to react wisely to rapidly changing intellectual property policies of the world and to respond accordingly to rapidly increasing influence of the Asian region in the world of intellectual properties.

Now, it is time for the APAA to go beyond its two-dimensional function as a place for socialization and exchange and to take a great leap forward. We, patent attorneys, must now strive to upgrade our stature and to protect our rights and interests ourselves through the APAA. Greater responsibilities are in our hands as we must devote ourselves to improving the utilities of our citizens with all our wisdom, knowledge and power.

At this juncture, I am aware that I have to shoulder heavy responsibilities as the President of the APAA Korea Group, but I am confident because I believe in you. I will contrive to succeed in my job with you. I trust that anything will be possible especially with the help of the members of the Executive Board of APAA Korea, which will be an interesting mix of experience with spirit and abilities with youth.

For the next three years of incumbency, I plan to keep challenging. As I said at the election, I plan to fulfill the 10 goals while I lead the APAA Korea Group: 1. Cultivate friendship between the members even further and promote welfare, 2. Expand the rights and interests of the members, 3. Actively reach out and recruit new members and at the same time pursue internal stabilization, 4. Strengthen the headquarter's leadership, 5. Stimulate the international networking, 6. Support members to participate in international activities positively, 7. Enforce interagency cooperation, 8. Promote members' participations in the Workshops and Committees of the headquarters and fortify ties with the Korea Patent Attorneys Association, 9. Improve the Internet Homepage utilization, 10. Open doors to interaction with the doyens to share wisdom and information. Under the slogan, "Vibrant APAA Korea", I plan to realize these 10 goals.

Our seniors and predecessors have put in so much time and effort tending our organization to be what it is today, and I will make sure that I continue with the tradition and bring the organization to even a higher level. I will work for the 'Vibrant APAA Korea'. And I realize, one of my most important jobs is to make sure that we can all work together and serve in joy.

Finally, I need to ask you for a favor. The APPA Korea is in dire need of your continued, wholehearted support, and we need to work closely with each other for the entire better-being of the organization.

My prayer goes out to your happiness each and every day, your health both at workplace and at the comfort of you home, and your continued self-realization and achievement.

Thank you very much.


March, 2012

President of the APAA Korea Group
Ho-Hyun Nahm

The Asian Patent Attorneys Association Korea Group | 9th Fl., Saman Buliding, 520 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-846, Korea